ManukaVantage skincare

destylacjaThe newest innovative skincare range from Parrs is now available.  Called manukavantage™ natures natural healer, this range features the exceptional natural healing properties of Active AAH (Antibacterial Antioxidant Honey) 650+ and Manuka Oil.

This range does not fall under our Wild Ferns brand as we wanted to highlight the difference between the skincare aspects of Wild Ferns and the health care properties of manukavantage™.  However, they do follow the same requirements of Wild Ferns in that the products are free from parabens and mineral oil, are not tested on animals and the boxes are printed on recyclable board with bio-degradable soy ink.

manukavantage™ skincare products all contain Active AAH 650+ (Active Antibacterial Antioxidant Honey 650+), a uniquely tested Manuka Honey.  It is trademarked and strictly controlled to ensure only the best Manuka products contain it.  It was developed following extensive research by Dr Geoffrey Savage, Associate Professor of Food Biochemistry at Lincoln University in Canterbury, New Zealand.  Dr Savage is one of New Zealand’s leading authorities on the health benefits of honey and antioxidants.  He and his team found that Active AAH 650+ Manuka Honey contained extremely high, naturally occurring levels of antibacterial activity and antioxidants – far more than any other honey varieties.

The manuka oil we choose to use in our new manukavantage™ range of therapeutic health care products is extracted from the young leaf tips that are harvested in the wild from regenerating sustainable Manuka trees located in the East Cape region of New Zealand.  Not only is this Manuka oil a renewable resource, testing has proven that the oil from this small region is 20 – 30 times more active than Australian Tea Tree oil, meaning the levels of anti-microbial activity (the substance that kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi) from this are also much higher in comparison.

Manuka Oil is proven for the treatment of common ailments such as Athletes Foot, dandruff and acne.  It is also an effective antihistamine – rapidly removing the itchiness, irritation and sting from insect bites and stings and from skin reactions due to contact with stinging plants such as nettle.  It also helps reduce inflammation and is particularly effective with itchy, irritated skin conditions.